TiraVerse Finance

TiraVerse Finance


This Whitepaper is intended to share complete technical and conceptual information of the proposed staking platform being developed over the BSC platform. It covers the custom features developed over the BSC contracts using Solidity and customized facilities compared to existing similar platforms like Goose or PanCakeSwap in the market. This whitepaper describes the mechanics of Uniswap “core” contracts including the pair contract that stores liquidity providers’ funds—and the factory contract used to instantiate pair contracts.


Tiraverse is metaverse project bulding the first real shopping mall in metaverse world it is including 1000 Stores each store represent by one NFT , there are 3 categories for the NFT, diamond , gold and silver , once token sale done through the token swap , farming platform , the metaverse implementation will start & NFT swapping function will start , each store owner will have the ability to display and sale any item represented by NFT , all items will be shipped by real couriers to the customers , payments inside the TiraVerse will be done by TVRS token and all rewards will be by TVRSR token which reward the community for using the metavers , after phase one the future development will include payment cards , special offers crypto site , real estate agency for buying and selling properties& much more.
As of now you can buy TVRS from central exchanges or 1 inch aggregator .
Tiraverse ( TVRS ) contract network is BNB smart chain ( BEP20 ) & the contract is
The rewards contract ( TiraVerse Rewards ) TVRSR contract network is BNB smart chain ( BEP20 ) & the rewards contract is


  • We hope to create a TiraVerse Swap TiraVerse for everyone to farm from it! Earn TiraVerse, and other coins (to be determined) while staking.
  • Removed migrator code (inherited from Pancake swap)
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