TiraVerse Finance


Near Term

📣 Announce Tiraverse
  • Publish landing page and whitepaper
💰 Tiraverse Token
  • Launch and distribute Tiraverse token through yield farming / liquidity mining App in BSC
  • Introduce Locked Tiraverse, a novel construct for timelocked incentives
  • Unlock locked Tiraverse after timelock (shortened with request)
🚀 Tiraverse World Launch on BSC
  • Launch the Mall of the world
  • Tiraverse launch NFT land drop to Tiraverse NFT holders
🔄 Tiraverse DEX
  • Launch Uniswap-style DEX for trading tokens
  • Tiraverse Finance will support three primitives: DEX, lending, and liquid staking
  • Users can provide liquidity with farming incentives.
💻 Traditional App Frontend
  • Build UI for DeFi functionality (e.g. DEX, lending, liquid staking, etc.)
  • Migrate current Tiraverse Finance frontend to Tiraverse final App
🧙‍♂️ NFT Lands
  • Build system for generative NFT.
  • NFT are unique based on land location in the mall
  • Distribute Gen-0 NFT
⛏️ NFT Jobs
  • Create job system where NFT can improve DeFi features
  • Unlock locked tiraverse faster through Enchantment job
  • Increase farming yields through Cultivation job
🏆 NFT Quest Mode
  • Create initial mode to use NFT in a simple Defi system
  • NFT are assigned to a quest, which they passively complete over time
  • Owner receives rewards on success or failure of the quest
📚 Tiraverse Webtoon
  • Publish first chapters of tiraverse webtoon for world building and marketing
  • Develop Tiraverse as a piece of intellectual property
⛏️ Basic Fanbase Mining
  • Establish "Fanbase Mining" incentives for Tiraverse content creators on social media like twitter

Mid Term

🗺️ World Map
  • Build a world for the entire continent of Tiraverse
  • Extremely large persistent map where shoppers can explore and develop settlements
Expedition shopping Mode
  • Build core shopping loop of shoppers taking NFT on expeditions into the Metaverse world
  • Create combat system supporting both NFT & Defi
  • Play-to-earn mechanics are balanced by risk and skill of shoppers
🗡️ Items and Owbers Progression
  • Introduce item, equipment, and crafting systems
  • Establish systems for NFT leveling and owners progression
🎁 NFT-based DeFi Incentives
  • Experiment with systems for incentivizing DeFi protocol usage using NFT items
  • Novel mechanics to potentially replace traditional yield farming / liquidity mining
  • Develop veTiraverse tokenomics model, represented as in-Mall NFTs
🛒 NFT and Item Marketplace
  • Launch marketplace for Shoppers to trade or rent NFTs and items
🥷 Enhance NFT System
  • Add additional NFT classes, especially for advanced generations
  • Increase depth and complexity of the NFT wishing system
⛓️ Multichain Expansion
  • Launch Tiraverse on one additional chain
  • Build new capital city and DeFi ecosystem
  • Build bridging solution for tokens and NFTs
🏢 Game Development Studio
  • Establish a company for sustainably building Tiraverse long-term
  • Set up an office and recruit talent for metaverse and DeFi development